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CCP Updates – June 2012

this year, Paramount Pictures got into the business of selling digital
movies directly to consumers on its website — originally, those movies
(sold with the UltraViolet DRM scheme) were mostly tied to your
computer, but now Paramount has just opened up a major new distribution


Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) today announced that its HDTV multi-decoder
processor MB86H611 with advanced security architecture has been
successfully certified by CONAX, one of the world”s leading providers of
advanced content protection across broadcast, broadband and OTT


has become the latest ISP to block The Pirate Bay, following a High
Court ruling that UK Internet companies much stop customers from
accessing the notorious file-sharing site. TalkTalk confirmed it had
joined the blockade in a statement with CNET UK’s sister site ZDNet UK,
saying, "TalkTalk can confirm that it is blocking access to The Pirate
Bay (TPB) following a court order to do so."


response to a court order handed down at the end of April, today
TalkTalk became the latest UK ISP to block subscriber access to The
Pirate Bay. But even with this action the Europe-wide wave of blocking
orders isn’t letting up.


cost the German film industry nearly $200 million (€196 million) last
year and resulted in $660 million (€524 million) in lost revenue for the
country’s music industry, according to a recent study backed by the
Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard, which backs media companies in the
region with state subsidies, and the German video game association


potential use is more secure digital rights management for streaming
content. The computing firm previously teamed up with Google to help the
search engine giant launch its Google TV platform, though the venture
failed to take off.


said that the RIAA should abandon litigation and hobbling music with
Digital Rights Management software. According to Sherman, the RIAA has
done all of that and more. He said Spotify and Rhapsody offer unlimited
streaming music.


Recording Industry of America has asked the number one search engine in
the world; Google to automatically disown all links with online piracy
site; Pirate Bay.


changes to the Copyright Act protect the disabled – but are restrictive
about cover versions and web freedom. When the Copyright (Amendment)
Act, 2012, was passed unanimously by the Lok Sabha on May 22, it meant
that there was little reason for celebration, some not-so-great news,
and a lot of pretty bad news.


is easily the biggest streaming music platform – by far – and it’s
completely DRM-protected, just like Spotify, Pandora, and Grooveshark. 
The question is, do enough people want to circumvent these limitations,
or are they happy with a self-contained, streaming-only experience?


Attorney-General’s Department may be holding discussions with copyright
holders and ISPs on online piracy issues today, but iiNet expects the
talks to be a waste of time. Government and consumer representative will
also be involved in the discussions which will focus on finding a way
to curb the rise of content theft online.


Pirate Bay has seen another broadband provider slam down the shutters,
with BeBroadband confirming it has blocked UK access to the
controversial torrent search site. The move follows rival ISP Virgin
Media preventing its subscribers from accessing The Pirate Bay in early
May, following an April court ruling that five of the largest providers
must block the site after complaints that it enabled and promoted
content piracy. Unsurprisingly, BE’s decision has been met with no small
amount of dismay.


Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has called upon Google
and other leading search engines to take more action against online


viewers in central and southern NSW and the ACT have joined the digital
signal network after the longstanding analog frequencies were turned
off. The analog signals for these areas were turned off "forever" at 9am
(AEST) on Tuesday.


Ministry of Communication and Information will provide free converter
sets to low income people so they can receive digital television
broadcasts on their analog sets. It is a step in the government’s
transition to a full digital signal by 2018. “We are now proposing
budget of Rp 300 billion ($31.8 million) to provide a free set top box,”
Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring said on Monday
at the Broadcast and Multimedia Show 2012.


research shows that 21 per cent of Australia’s illegal downloaders most
often use Swedish website The Pirate Bay to get their film and
television content. They list 19 other online sources but none are
mentioned by more than 10 per cent of the research respondents: Youtube,
Google, Limewire, Isohunt, iTunes, Megavideo,Torrentz, Demonoid,
Btjunkie, megaupload, kickasstorrents, eztv, movie2K, Kat, Vuze,
Mediafire, utorrent, projectfreetv, sidereel.


research shows that 21 per cent of Australia’s illegal downloaders most
often use Swedish website The Pirate Bay to get their film and
television content. They list 19 other online sources but none are
mentioned by more than 10 per cent of the research respondents.


57 percent of computers users across the world have admitted to using
pirated software, which has resulted in a loss of 63.4 billion dollars
in the software industry annually, according to a survey.


the 3D front it focused on standardization for delivering video in both
720 and 1080 line formats, digital interfaces used for studio
production and methods to evaluate quality based on picture quality,
depth and comfort levels.


Systems sued TiVo, seeking a court order declaring it hasn’t infringed
patents relating to digital video recorders. TiVo, an Alviso maker of
set-top boxes that can record and play back television programs, has
sued companies that purchase DVRs made by Cisco alleging they infringe
TiVo patents, Cisco said in a complaint filed in federal court in San


the embedded virtualization company, today announced that it had
launched the first open source implementation for ARM TrustZone. Open
Virtualization, an open source project sponsored and maintained by
Sierraware, allows ARM-based microprocessor designers, device
manufacturers, and software companies to support ARM TrustZone


can’t just be solved by technology. It requires lawyers. At the D
conference, a pair of top Google execs rebutted the contention made the
night before by Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel that Google should be doing
much more to combat piracy.


for popular file-sharing company Megaupload, accused of copyright theft
and internet piracy, have moved to have the case thrown out in the
United States and tens of millions of dollars of assets unfrozen, a U.S.
counsel said on Thursday.


Parker transformed the music industry once with Napster, now he’s doing
it again with Spotify, where he’s now a director. He and Spotify CEO
Daniel Ek took the stage at the D conference to talk about Spotify’s new
music model. They’re not going after Apple’s business, they’re
competing with piracy. And in the process they’re redefining how people
find music — now through their friends — and how they buy it — in play
lists, instead of singles and albums.

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CCP Sponsors School House Rock

School House Rock and Timbre completed a band competition for participantsbetween 13 and 25 years old on the 10th June 2012 at Beerfest Asia 2012. Morethan 15 bands participated and 500 people tasted good beer whileenjoying new original music from local bands. “Disco Hue” came firstin the competition and “Godzilla,” another local band from the International School won second place. In third was “Cave”, the local band from the Overseas Family School (OFS). All bands were commended for their efforts and provided with prizes.

Some administration services and gear were sponsored by the Centre for ContentPromotion (CCP). The panel of judges included Isa Seow, a former major labelrecording artiste and lecturer (also from CCP), Richard Khan, a famouslocal musician, and Danny Loong, the Managing Director of Timbre.

The winner, “Disco Hue”, thereafter played primetime on the mainstage atBeerfest. They have also won the opportunity to play at Timbre and obtained F&B vouchers in addition to free concert tickets.

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